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My 5 Favorite Beauty Products for 2019


Full disclosure, I am not a beauty blogger, but I am a thirty-something year old who has started taking her skincare routine seriously, among other things like investing in higher quality beauty products. In the last couple of months, I have tried out several new products and these are the 5 that have impressed me the most and gotten a permanent spot in my beauty routine. My skin has never felt so soft, hydrated, and smooth! Also, this isn’t just for the ladies out there — guys, you can use any and all of these products too!

*I’m not sponsored by any of these companies.



As someone who changes up her hair often, I can attest that even though my hair is healthy, it needs some extra love. I am naturally brunette, but am currently very blonde, which took several visits to my stylist over 6 months to make sure it was done in a way that would do the least amount of damage to my hair. Even with all of the professional care, my hair can still get dry and tangled, so I talked with my stylist about a primer to help keep my hair moisturized. She explained it in a way that made perfect sense: “When you do your makeup, you put a primer on your face, so why wouldn’t you do the same for your hair?” That’s where Oribe’s Run-Through Detangling Primer comes in. When I get out of the shower after washing my hair, I spritz a few sprays of this all over my wet hair from the roots to the ends. I let it set for about 30 seconds and then use my wet brush to comb through my hair. I have noticed a huge difference with using this product! There are way fewer snarls and tangles and my hair feels so much more moisturized. Oribe also says it helps protect your hair from the damage caused by hot tools, so that’s a great bonus. I absolutely love this product and will use it no matter what color hair I have. I used to dread brushing my hair after getting out of the shower, but now I look forward to running the brush through my silky hair!

Where You Can Buy It: Your Local Salon

Cost: $37 - 5.9 fl. oz.



Anyone else hate when a lotion leaves you feeling greasy and oily? My skin is more on the oily side than dry, so I have struggled over the years to find a face moisturizer that didn’t leave my face feeling weighted down and oily. Then I found The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion made with purifying tea tree oil from the foothills of Mount Kenya. This lotion is light and airy and moisturizes my face while controlling the shine. It’s also vegan for those of you who abide by that lifestyle. I love, love, love this product and never hesitate to apply it throughout the day.

Where You Can Buy It: The Body Shop in store or online; Amazon

Cost: $13 - 1.69 fl. oz.



If you’ve been tapping through your Instagram stories, then you’ve probably seen one of your friends with a white sheet mask on their face that looks like something out of a horror film. While they may look a little scary, they are anything but. The Dermal Korea Collagen Essence Sheet Masks are a dream. They are super hydrating, fill your skin with all sorts of good things like collagen and vitamin E, and leave your face feeling so soft and looking like you’re glowing. They come in a pack of 16 and I literally put in a second order after trying my first one. They also stay on your face really well. One time I packed my entire suitcase while wearing one and the mask never budged. I use them 1-2x each week and after every flight since airplanes suck your skin dry. These get an A+++. Helpful tip for the guys out there — make sure to apply the mask to a clean-shaven face because otherwise the mask will have a hard time staying on.

Where You Can Buy Them: Amazon

Cost: $11 - 16 masks



I am probably the only person who didn’t know what a toner was until recently, and boy am I happy I know now. In my 20s, I used to sleep in my makeup all the time [ugh, I know — don’t judge], but now I have found my way and make sure to wash my face every night. I’m a big fan of the pink makeup remover towel + micellar cleansing water, but I felt like it wasn’t quite getting everything. So now I have added using the Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner after I wash my face to get all the extra grime and dirt that has seeped into my pores after a long day. It is honestly a little disgusting to see what is left on my face even after I’ve washed it! One of the things I noticed right away was just how soft my face felt the next morning after adding this to my bedtime routine. I’ve read that these are especially great for people with oily and acne-prone skin. Love, love, love this product. There are a lot of different toners out there and I’m sure they’re all great, so I don’t think brand is necessarily pertinent on this one. Just add one to your routine — you will not regret it!

Where You Can Buy It: Target, Amazon, Any Drug Store / Pharmacy

Cost: $8.49 - 8.5 fl. oz.



As we get older and more stressed, the skin under our eyes can tend to look tired and baggy. I think we’ve all had that co-worker tell us we look tired — first of all, rude, never say that to someone; second of all, there is a solution. Peter Thomas Roth has made 24K Gold Pure Luxury Lift & Firm Hydra-Gel Eye Patches that will have the skin under your eyes feeling refreshed, revitalized, and firmer all in 10-15 minutes. Plus, you’ll look like and feel like a celebrity with these luxurious 24k gold eye patches on under your eyes. Whether it’s after a fun night out, a night with little sleep, or you just want to pamper yourself, put on these eye patches to make your skin brighter and firmer. Tell those bags under your eyes, thank u, next!

Where You Can Buy Them: Peter Thomas Roth Online, Sephora, Ulta — and many other places.

Cost: $75

There you have it! My Top 5 Beauty Products for 2019. Here’s to feeling and looking your best!

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